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한국특허학회지, Vol.18 no.2 (2016)

물이 고이지 않는 세면대에 대한 동향과 아이디어 제안


(중앙대학교 기계공학부)

Many people feel uncomfortable using washstand because its surroundings are wet. For solving this problem, Jeong-In Jeon applied for a patent in 2004. Her idea is that structure of the basalt was combined with the front side of washstand. Thanks to this idea, when people use washstand, they can avoid to wet their clothes or body. However, This idea do not take into account the people who carry their bags or luggage. So, I considered about this and suggest the new idea. When people use washstand, they put their bags on the side of the washstand. So, I think that would be nicer if there are lots of beads equipped on the side of the washstand. The principle of this idea is Coanda Effect. Consequently, using this idea will prevent bags or other things from being wet by water on washstand.

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